Welcome to A Better World Foundation

Welcome to A Better World Foundation

The Foundation A Better World is an association that focuses on social and economic disadvantaged people; it also looks after the unprotected and underprivileged in our world. It is an association whose aim is to provide support to those who are in a vulnerable socioeconomic position. This aim is fulfilled by investing the resources set aside for the specific projects. It promotes self-subsistence and being able to make do by oneself, among the youth and also the adults.

The foundation was created on the 28th March 2012 and its by-laws were drafted and approved at 3pm before the Notary D.H.J. Boerenstam in Hilversum (Holland).

The members of the Foundation’s Board belong to the same social environment as the creator.

The board of A Better World Foundation

Hugo Fernandes Mendes – President
Ingrid Görlitz – Owner and Founder “ABWF”
Duncan Junker – Secretary

Thanks everyone for your support in this, almost, last year.

A bizarre year 2020, but a year in which we value life have come to appreciate even more. Of course everyone hopes for a Corona-free 2021. And that will certainly come, if only we, all together follow the rules!

We hope that we can count on your support again in 2021, and again make people happy, who having such a hard time in this world.

We wish you and your family a healthy 2021.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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    A Better World Foundation:

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