Sponsors 2019

With respect and gratitude to our sponsors who want to remain anonymous.

Mr. J.R.V. Lindeman

Mrs. L. Becker
Mrs. M. Glans
Mrs. H. Rahman
Mrs. T.F. Akobiarek
Mr. A. Wesenhagen

Géri Schipper
from “Moeiteloos Liefhebben”

Mrs. G.H.M. Thijm-Li Fo Sjoe
Mr. J.P.J. Sinay
Mr. Ferry I. Sew Atjon
Mr. Prof. Dr. M. Fornerod – Secretary of the Indonesian Genealogical Society
Mrs. J. Fornerod
Mr. and Mrs. R. and C. Limon
Mr. & Mrs. G. S.  Martosoewondo
Mrs. K. Wijngaarde
Mrs. N. Greeve-Bak
Mr. and Mrs. P.H.J. van Egmond
Mr. and Mrs. H.T.J.A. van Kampen
Mr. H.K. Fernandes Mendes
Mr. T. Mur a/o Mrs. M. Mur-Massier
Mr. J.L. Limon
Mrs. A. Limon-Bhugwandass
Mrs. M.U.E. Gunning
Mrs. C.H.J. Louz
Mr. H.L. Cumberbatch
Y.A.C. Langitan & N. Wonkar
Mrs. B. van Wingerden
Mrs. C. Pattiwaël van Westerloo
Mr. R.G. Pattiwaël van Westerloo
Mr. B.L. Lotulung
Mr. G.H. Monsanto
Mr. A.S. Waggelmans
Mrs. P. Thijm


Extra donation for GREENTHOUSE in LELYDORP!

Mrs. H. Rahman
Mrs. K. Wijngaarde






Little House Near The Amstel




Focus Beauty & Spa


Elly Flenterie

The results of 7 week training with Elly Flenterie, owner of
“Choice by Passion”.
An amazing report and I am super proud. When you are 70 years young, it is just a number!