Our team

Our team

Dr. Hugo Fernandes Mendes

President of the Foundation.

Hugo is a lawyer and Manager of the Town-planning Advisory Board in the city of Amsterdam.

It is a great honour for us that Hugo agreed to accept this position.


Mrs. Ingrid Görlitz

Treasurer and creator of the Foundation.

Ingrid is the creator of the Foundation.
Since 1990 she has been an active volunteer, helping wherever possible those with little prospects and trying to offer them a life with more possibilities.

During this time, she has established a wide network which has enabled her to provide a great support to many people. With the setting-up of the Foundation, a wish has come true, a long-wished dream.

Ingrid, who was born in Indonesia and has lived in Surinam and Miami, lives currently in Holland and will continue devoting herself to the unprotected children and vulnerable people in the developing countries.

Mr.  Duncan Junker

Secretary of the Foundation .

Since 2008 Duncan travels to Surinam as a volunteer, where he has been very active, attending, among others, the start of three educational projects; of which the IT Project carried out in the Nickerie district stands out the most.

Given his thorough knowledge of information technology, he forms an essential part of the team.
He has also done a professional training of Digital Video Producer at the Multimedia School of Amsterdam. The images that can be seen on the web site are the silent witnesses of the result of this professional training.

Duncan, who was born in Indonesia, lived in Surinam, moved around Brazil and finally settled in Holland, feels very happy in the Foundation.