“Children’s home MariaHoeve” 2019


Our project 2019: Shelter “KinderHuisMariahoeve”
(KHM) Hermandadweg 10 -12 Lelydorp
Rep. Suriname


                                                                                                                            How cozy it looks




                                                                   Interview STVS "In The Spotlight" with Henk van Vliet, on September 27, 2019
                                                                   You can watch the entire interview if you click on the link !!



Preparation for the donation.




                                                                              Ingrid in conversation with one of the generous sponsors,                                                                            
                                                                              Mr. Armand Waggelmans, who is fond of ABWF.






The big day itself: October 29, 2019!

The official part is led by the one and only MC, Mister Henk van Vliet, in a very festive and enthusiastic way.
The handover of the financial donation of € 1,250.00 (euro) was ALSO a highlight for ABWF!
The visibly moved and happily surprised director of the shelter, Mrs. Nesta, received the check!

Perhaps unnecessarily, but of course with great thanks to my generous sponsors who made this possible !!
We cannot do anything without my sponsors. Together we are strong!





How proud I was of what we have achieved together !! A BETTER WORLD FOUNDATION has achieved its goal !!



A BETTER WORLD FOUNDATION on TV with the ATV news !! Station: AlgemeneTeleVisie.
With thanks to Mr. Horatio Indian, who has also been committed to A Better World Foundation for years!


ATV TV SURINAME News handover check, September 29, 2019

You can listen to the news for yourself by clicking on this link!







The start of construction of our “ABWF” vegetable greenhouse


The site is partly being “prepared for construction”,

for the new greenhouse, by the children from “KHM”

















Nesta Tjong A Hung, director of Children's Home "Mariahoeve", reports:

A lot of work has been done on the "ABWF" vegetable greenhouse.
90% of the roots of the felled trees have been removed manually.
Then there was bulldozing, plowing, raked, disinfected and fertilized.

After 2 weeks of rest, we went over it again with the small plow machine and the planting could begin.
It is then sown immediately. The children also work very hard.

An impression of the activities for the construction of the vegetable greenhouse





























We have a “NURSERY” where the vegetable seeds are released.
As soon as the seeds germinate, they are transplanted into the vegetable greenhouse

The young plants have been transplanted.







We have just received the news that on February 20, 2021, the “LEGUANS” will be ahead of us by eating our vegetables.
We are now obliged to fence the entire greenhouse.

Are you participating to reach our goal?
Please donate now.
Thank you.

Dear sponsors:
Our vegetable greenhouse was ransacked by the iguanas
and because of your generous gifts “ABWF” has succeeded
to completely surround the vegetable greenhouse !!!
Our thanks are very big !!! See the result !!! Thanks again thanks thanks !!!


This is how we started and see the progress now:










Easter breakfast.





The first harvest, ready for sale! So proud!!!

How beautiful and big those “Bitter Lemons” are! The Surinamese name for this vegetable is “SOPROPO” From the special vegetable greenhouse of “ABWF”

These large beautiful PAPRIKAS also come from the special vegetable greenhouse of “ABWF” ‘