Huize Ashiana 2012

Impressions Huize Ashiana – 2012

A Better World Foundation (ABWF)
A foundation dedicated to supporting people who are in a weak socio-economic position. The board of ABWF has decided that its first major project will be to give the elderly residents of ‘Huize Ashiana’ in Paramaribo in Surinam a day they will not forget. “Huize Ashiana” is a retirement home with residents varying from age 60 to 103 where 320 inhabitants of whom 130 are bedridden. This retirement home is making do with what they have. For the most part, this is not an optimal situation. After thorough research we have chosen to do something special for the residents.

On 27 November 27 that day came. The residents have enjoyed the most tastiest dishes from the traditional authentic Surinamese cuisine. The meal was accompanied by the well-known Surinamese soda served in pet bottles. There was a choice of diabetic and non-diabetic sodas available.

The big surprise was musical entertainment, provided by the Glenn Weisz Orchestra consisting of 11 musicians. Big names from the Surinamese music industry were present and serenated the residents. Musicians by the likes of Max Nijman, Louis Windsock, Oscar Harris, The Jaffo Gate Quartet, Erwin Bouterse and Alfons Wielingen. Annemarie Sanches and The Singing Twins participated as well. Trough the nostalgic music, the ‘oldies’ were able to go down memory lane. None other than ‘mr. Hit’ (Henk van Vliet) himself was the master of ceremony.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and everyone that has participated to make this day happen, I say from the bottom of my heart; ‘ Thank you, thank you, thank you’.

We like to take you back to that unforgettable day that we organized for our ‘oldies’ on 27 November 2012. I have dedicated this day to my mother, grandma Jos Görlitz, that has gone to rest at age 96 on 19 July 2012.

Short video of the festive event.

Also view the photos.