Goals – 2015

GOALS – 2015

A new challenge in 2015 for the Foundation!

A Better World Foundation is a foundation that focuses on social and economic disadvantaged people. It also looks after the unprotected and underprivileged in our world.

It promotes self-subsistance and being able to make do by oneself among youth and adults.

The Board consists of three members:

  • Mr. Hugo Fernandes Mendes – President
  • Mr. Duncan Junker – Secretary
  • Mrs. Ingrid Görlitz – Treasurer and founder of ABWF

After the very successful “Big Day” for the able-bodied and bedridden elderly residents of Huize Ashiana in the Republic of Surinam on Novembre 27th 2012, it is now committed to help disabled young people.

During the annual meeting of February 5th 2015, the Board decided to help the S.O.G.K. ; (S.O.G.K. stands for Relaxation Resort for Disabled Children Foundation) in the Republic of Surinam in the Geyersvlijt neighbourhood.

The S.O.G.K. was founded on 15 February 1985 and is committed to the well-being of young people with disabilities. The young men and women who are part of their daily care, get trained in self-sufficiency the field of education, crafts and sports.

The S.O.G.K. currently does not have 24-hour care for the pupils who visit the daycare. After various negotiations with sponsors and parties, 2.1 apartments have been realized for the S.O.G.K.

The homes will accommodate young adults that have participated in the S.O.G.K. training and live independently now. These pupils are also employees of the resort and partake in sports.

One of these residents is an international Paralympic athlete who has taken part in several international competitions. In August 2015, he will participate in the games in Toronto. Then he will take part in competitions in Brazil, along with other Surinamese ahtletes with disabilities.

The S.O.G.K. foundation is currently assembling a delegation with a number of athletes with intellectual disabilitie for the games in Los Angeles-USA in July 2015!

In order to make all of this possible, 2 fully furnished houses are needed where these pupils can live, are able to follow their training and work at the resort. The foundation depends entirely on donations.

These are all reasons for A Better World Foundation to commit in fully furnishing these 2.1 homes.

For this we would need € 7.200,=

If we receive more more donations, we would like to spend that on warm fresh food like the authentic Surinamese dishes for the 320 elderly residents of Huize Ashiana!!

The plan is to visit Surinam at the end of April 2015 to realize this project!

So, dear people, would you like to help us realize this beautiful project? That would be great! All sponsors will be listed on our website: www.abetter-world.com There you can also find all information on our projects. We will keep you informed throught our website.

You can help us by making a donation on the following bank account:

Rabobank: NL90 RABO 0150 1485 18
Made out to: A Better World Foundation
Stating: “Goals 2015”
Chamber of Commerce number: 55008526

A Better World Foundation is exempt from payment of Income Tax, Sales Tax and Corporate Tax.

On behalf of the Board and our target groups, we thank you very much for your support and we wish you a healthy and great life!

Ingrid Görlitz
A Better World Foundation.
Voorburg, February 18th 2015